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Safe Service Procedure Plan

First Presbyterian Church Alpena

Worship Committee

19 May 2020


The object of this plan is to create a safe environment for Worship during this period.


  • Congregants should not attend if they feel ill.

  • Congregants should only bring what is absolutely necessary to services.

  • Doors will open at 10:00.

  • Hand sanitizer and masks made available. Face masks must be used for everyone’s safety at least until worshiper leaves the building.

  • When people enter the church, they are encouraged to use auto door openers with an elbow.

  • Use fellowship hall for service.

  • Chairs placed in groups for families and single chairs. Spacing six feet apart.

  • On entry, the congregation will be asked to adhere to safety precautions.

  • Social distancing will be maintained throughout service.

  • No prayer books or hymnals provided. All info should be in bulletin or on slides.

  • Singing is not recommended for hymns, but they may be hummed.

  • Keep a list of attendees for notification purposes.

  • Pass the peace with a wave or nod.

  • Orderly dismissal. Congregation should refrain from standing near exits.

  • No fellowship time.

  • Pre-recorded sermon for those remaining at home.

  • After the service fellowship hall, passageways, door handles, etc. will be sanitized before next use.


  • We will have an offering time during service. But collection will not be done by plate.

  • There should be a table situated near each exit to collect plate offerings as congregants enter or leave the space.


  • During communion services we will not pass plates of bread or juice.

  • Provide a combined bread wafer and cup for communion which congregants should pick up from a prepared table as they enter the sanctuary.

  • Congregants may simply continue with online communion.

Office Hours:

  • During office hours those entering the building will follow guidelines laid out by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC, with signage posted.