Sermons from 2019, beginning with January 6, can be found following the links below.

Each date and sermon title will include a list of appropriate readings from the lectionary and the printed sermon (or notes from which the sermon was presented) from that date as a .pdf file.

Each of the sermons posted here was researched, written, and delivered by our pastor, the Rev. William J. Rayment.


Feel free to read the sermon on your screen or download/print it for future use.

January 6, 2019--"Following Yonder Star"

January 13, 2019--"Baptism of Our Lord"

January 20, 2019--"Signs"

January 27, 2019--"Listen, What Do You Hear?"

February 3, 2019--"Love Never Fails"

February 10, 2019--"In Spite of Our Sins"

February 24, 2019--"Forgiveness"

March 3, 2019--"A Mountaintop Experience"

March 10, 2019--"In the Way of Temptation"

March 24, 2019--"Lest Ye Repent"

March 31, 2019--"There and Back Again"

April 7, 2019--"The Anointed One"

April 14, 2019--"The Very Stones Will Cry Out"

NOTE:  The sermon--based on the reading from Luke--was delivered from this outline.

April 21, 2019--"Easter Sunday Coming Down"

April 28, 2019--"Where Is the Evidence?"

NOTE:  The sermon--based on John 20: 19-31--was delivered from this outline.

May 12, 2019--"Heaven's Reward"  NOTE: The sermon was delivered from this outline.

May 19, 2019--For the Beauty of the Earth"

May 26, 2019--"The Nature of Miracles"

June 2, 2019--"Speaking of Faith"

June 23, 2019--"The Still, Small Voice"

June 30,2019--"The Cost of Discipleship"

July 7, 2019--"You Reap What You Sow"

July 14, 2019--"Living the Good Life"

July 21, 2019--"Mary and Martha"

July 28, 2019--"The Words Our Savior Taught Us"

August 11, 2019--"Waiting on the Lord"

NOTE:  The sermon was delivered from this outline.

August 18, 2019--"A House Divided"

August 25, 2019--"The Calling of a Prophet"

September 1, 2019--"Practical Advice"

September 8, 2019--"Our Chains are Gone"  NOTE:  The sermon was delivered from this outline.

September 15, 2019--"When We Lose Sight of God"

September 22, 2019--"On a Wing and a Prayer"

September 29, 2019--Luke 16:19-31

October 6, 2019--"Psalm 137"

Note:  The sermon was delivered from this outline.

October 13, 2019--Jeremiah 29

Note:  The sermon was delivered from these questions.

November 10, 2019--"Strong in Christ"

December 1, 2019--"Hope in the Lord"

December 8, 2019--"Peace on Earth"

December 15, 2019--"Joy"

December 18, 2019--"A Moving Experience" 

                  Blue Christmas Service


December 22, 2019--"For the Love of God"

December 24, 2019--"Tell the Good News"

December 29, 2019--"Praise the Lord"