Sermons from 2020, beginning with January 5, can be found following the links below.

Each date and sermon title will include a list of appropriate readings from the Bible, and the printed sermon (or notes from which the sermon was presented) from that date as a .pdf file.

Each of the sermons posted here was researched, written and delivered by our pastor, the Rev. William J. Rayment

Feel free to read the sermon on your screen or download/print it for future use.

January 5, 2020--"The Nature of Christ"

January 19, 2020--"Praying on My Mind"

February 2, 2020--"What the Lord Requires of Us"

February 23, 2020--"Beyond the Mundane"

March 8, 2020--"Faith Works"  NOTE:  The sermon was delivered from this outline.

January 12, 2020--"Fulfilling All Righteousness"

January 26, 2020--"United We Stand"

February 16, 2020--"A Life of Love"   NOTE:  The sermon was delivered from this outline.

March 1, 2020--"Conscience and Consciousness "

March 15, 2020--"Waves of Grief"