About Us

     Whether you have purposely found this website or simply stumbled upon it, we hope that you will consider this both an introduction and an invitation to First Presbyterian Church of Alpena.

     Who are Alpena Presbyterians?

        ·  We are a collection of folks who are motivated by compassion – not by fear.

        ·  We are people who feel that diversity is a gift from God.

        ·  We are people who take the Bible seriously, considering its spiritual, cultural and

                historical context.

        ·  We are people who seek to live with a positive attitude toward life.

        ·  We are among those who feel that what we believe about God is not nearly as

                important as to remember that God believes in us.

     So - you might just be an Alpena Presbyterian (and not even know it) -

        ·  If you believe God is real – but have lots of questions.

        ·  If you’re turned off by “high pressure” religion.

        ·  If you would like to have a minister who talks with you – not at you.

        ·  If you are as interested in life before death as life after death.

        ·  If you would like to walk alongside folks who are eager to learn, willing to serve,                              and excited about life.

        ·  If you want to help make a difference in our community.

     We hope that you will explore other pages on this website that might interest you and will give you more information about who we are and what we do.

     The history of the congregation began in 1884, when the Detroit Presbytery of the United Presbyterian Church of North America reported that a “special mission” had been established in Alpena. 

     The first worship service took place on July 20, 1884.

     Groundbreaking events for the Education Center took place in 1957 and it was opened in the summer of 1959.

     Groundbreaking for the sanctuary, narthex and offices occurred in 1963, and the cornerstone—1963—was laid that same year.

     The congregation celebrated its 125th year in 2009.

     We have been in our current facilities on US 23 North at Long Rapids Road since 1959 after using facilities downtown on Washington Avenue for 73 years.

Our History

Our Governing Bodies

     Our congregation is governed by a nine-member body of elected elders called the session (currently three men and six women), which meets monthly.

     We are a member of the Presbytery of Mackinac which includes all of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the northern third of the Lower Peninsula. 

     The presbytery's offices are located in Petoskey, Michigan.

     The Presbytery of Mackinac is one of the eleven presbyteries in the Synod of the Covenant, which includes Michigan and Ohio.

     The synod's offices are located in Maumee, Ohio.  

     The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) meets biennially in even-numbered years.  It consists of commissioners elected by each of its 173 presbyteries.  The most recent meeting of the General Assembly was held in June, 2018, in St. Louis, Missouri.  In 2020 the General Assembly will meet in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our Staff

     Our staff includes:
            Rev. William Rayment, Pastor   Laurie McRoberts, Administrative Assistant  
            Suelyn Bartz, Organist               Gordon Snow, Choir Director  
            Vacant, Custodian                 Donna Hammerquist, Treasurer

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        Presbyterian Church in the United States, click HERE.