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Donations (Effective March, 2020)    

    With the assistance and oversight of the Presbyterian Foundation, we have set up an account, hosted through Vanco Services, LLC, an industry leader that processes transactions for thousands of clients.  This enables members and friends of the congregation to donate to First Presbyterian Church of Alpena securely and on line.

    You can support our mission on line anytime by using your credit

or debit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT).  You can forget about

paper checks, and envelopes.

    You can give to the church on a regular basis, and it’s never been

easier.  You can set up a recurring donation—weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually—in whatever denomination you choose.  You can give faithfully, even when you are not able to attend services.  You can also make special, one-time donations in support of special causes, programs or activities.

     Click this button to create your own personal profile, log in to schedule donations, or review your personal account.

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