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Gallery (Before the pandemic)

These photographs were taken at recent church events.

Easter Worship, 2019

IMG_4384 (2).jpg
IMG_4385 (2).jpg

Advent and Christmas Eve

IMG_4392 (2).jpg
IMG_4389 (2).jpg
IMG_4396 (2).jpg
AdventChristmas 2017 3.JPG
Mitten tree 2018.jpg

The Mitten Tree

Helping prepare and serving meals at St. Bernard's Friendship Room, March/April, 2019

Fr Rm '19 2.JPG
Fr Rm '19 3.JPG
Fr Fom 3.JPG
fr rm '19 8.JPG
Fr Rm '19 6.jpg
Fr Rm 1.JPG
Fr Rm 2.JPG

Kirkin' o' the Tartan, October, 2019 . . . 

Kirkin John Meek.JPG
kirkin piper.JPG
kirkin 102018 Bill kilt.JPG

. . . and our Scottish Tea

MDOT Highway Clean-up, May/July/September, 2019

MDOT 1.jpg
MDOT 2.jpg

Strawberry Social, July, 2019

Straw 3.jpg
Straw 11.jpg
Straw 4.jpg
Straw 6.jpg
Straw 5.jpg
Straw 2.jpg
Straw 18 g.jpg
Straw 12.jpg
Straw 9.jpg
Straw 8.jpg
Straw 7.jpg
Straw 10.jpg

Planned Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner, November, 2018

TG 18 1.jpg
TG 18 5.jpg
TG 18 4.jpg
TG 18 3.jpg
TG 18 2.jpg

Holiday Bazaar and Luncheon, November, 2018

bazaar 18 1.JPG
bazaar 18 5.JPG
bazaar 18 2.JPG
bazaar 18 6.jpg
Bazaar 18 7.jpg
Bazaar 18 8.jpg
Bazaar 18 12.jpg
Bazaar 18 10.jpg
Bazaar 18 9.jpg
bazaar 18 11.jpg
bazaaar 18 3.JPG
bazaar 18 4.JPG

Pentecost Worship, Pot Luck and Birthday Cake Auction, June, 2019

Bill Preaching - Pentecost.jpg
Pentecost Banner.jpg
Pente Worship.jpg
Pot Luck.jpg
Birthday Table.jpg
Cake 1.jpg

Nearly $900 was raised through the birthday cake auction to help fund lawn and yard maintenance.

Cake 4.jpg
Cake 6.jpg
Cake 3.jpg
Cake 2.jpg
Cake 7.jpg
Cake 5.jpg
Eating 2.jpg
Eating 1.jpg

Remembering 9/11, 2019

Memorial Garden Service - Memorial Day, 2019

Mem 3.jpg
Mem 2.jpg
Mem 1.jpg

Hobo Dinner, Prepared by the Men's Club, March, 2019

Lenten Brunch, March, 2019

Brunch b.jpg
Brunch d.jpg
Brunch a.jpg
Brunch c.jpg
Brunch 1.JPG
Brunch 3.JPG
Brunch 6.JPG
Brunch 4.JPG
Brunch 5.JPG
Brunch 2.JPG
Brunch 7.JPG

Welcoming New Members, February, 2019

Welcoming New Members b.jpg
Welcoming new members c.jpg

Special Music During Worship, Summer, 2019

Special Music 3.jpg
Special music 5.jpg
Special Music 2.jpg
Special music 4.jpg
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