We Remember...

   Members and friends of the congregation who have passed away...

...in 2016

Joan Decker

Fred Hammerquist

...in 2017

Roberta McDonald

Ken Dupuis

Sandi Allen

...in 2018

Dot Allison

Mel Ringelberg

Julie Bell

Jerry Meek

...in 2019

  Joyce DeLaval  

 Donna Beck 

Marian Neale

Larry Beaudoin

      Bob Meno   

Ruth Downing

Mary Chandler

Bill McDonnell.jpg

Bill McDonnell

Annabell Miller

...in 2020

Jim Arbuckle


Betty Oliver

...in 2021

Julie Arnold.png

Julie Armold


Esther Meno

Marilyn Standen


George Hess

Ruth Rice again.jpg

Ruth Rice

Gerry Halsey.jpg

Gerry Halsey

Elaine Mandenberg.jpg

Elaine Mandenberg

Bill Allen pic.jpg

Bill Allen

Annie Martin.jpg

Carol "Annie" Martin


William "Bill" Neale