Church Fellowship (Before the pandemic)

     Recognizing that Sunday worship is one of the focal points of our congregation, enjoying each other in fellowship activities is also significant and takes place as we reach out to each other and to our greater community, doing the work of Jesus Christ.

     Serving each other and sharing joys and concerns is an important part of the Fellowship Hour we enjoy following worship each Sunday.  Featuring light snacks and beverages, members gather in the Fellowship Hall to meet guests, chat with friends, and enjoy each other's company.

     Throughout the year potluck dinners are planned, providing more opportunities to gather as a church family.  These are usually in conjunction with a special focus, for example our annual congregational meeting and the annual birthday cake auction.

     We also have a planned Thanksgiving potluck dinner each year for those who wish to join with other members of our church family and give thanks for our blessings.

     The Church Life Committee regularly organizes theater parties for members of the congregation, supporting both Alpena Civic Theater and Thunder Bay Theatre throughout the year.  (Several members of the congregation are active in the theaters.)

Community Fellowship (Before the pandemic)

     In early summer, members of the congregation work together preparing a Strawberry Social.  Brought in from one of the local patches, the berries are prepared at the church as the biscuits are baked in our kitchen.  The public is invited to the fundraiser, which provides monies for our Children at Risk Fund.

     In addition, members of our church family volunteer at St. Bernard’s Friendship Room every fourth Friday throughout the year, helping to prepare and serving dinners with other members of the community to provide for those in need.

     Our deacons coordinate a Caring Cart every month, benefiting various community organizations.  Church members are invited to donate items appropriate for the identified need.

Serving the Church (Before the pandemic)

     It takes many hands to do the work of the church and those hands are often at work behind the scenes, preparing communion, sewing banners for the sanctuary, working in the flower gardens, participating in occasional “work bees”, cleaning the kitchen, preparing the sanctuary for Sunday, and mowing the lawn.

     Others serve as elders and deacons, or as members of a variety of committees.  They may sing in the choir, assist in leading worship as lay liturgists, or act as greeters or ushers on Sundays.

Men's Fellowship (Before the pandemic)

          Presbyterian Men gather each month--on the second Tuesday at 9:00 AM at Cabin Creek--to promote men's ministry, to engage in projects which will improve the church, and to support local mission activities.

          In September, the group revived a long-standing tradition of preparing and serving a "Hobo Dinner", and it is anticipated that this will become an annual event. 

          In December, the group--working with Family Enterprise, Inc., in Alpena--opened an online store offering a variety of items embroidered with the church's logo:  shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and an apron.  Orders are placed online or in person at Family Enterprise (211 S. Second Avenue, Alpena), and items, when ready are available for pickup at Family Enterprise.  The online store is open year-round, and may be reached by clicking on the church's logo.  

          In recent months a financial donation was made in support of programming at the Boys & Girls Club, and additional memory was added to the computer in the church office.  Plans for 2020 include potentially extending Wi-Fi to the Fellowship Hall and meeting room.

Women’s Fellowship (Before the pandemic)

            Presbyterian Women gather most months on the second Monday for fellowship, to hear a speaker, or to work on a project.  Sometimes the women meet at the church, occasionally at local eateries, or they plan a short "field trip".  All Christian women are invited to participate in the organization's activities, which also include a fund-raising, community event.

   Recently-raised monies have been used to carpet the pastor's office and the meeting room, purchase name badges for the congregational family, and donate toward replacing windows.  In the past the group has purchased needed lighting, provided automatic door openers, and paid for reupholstering pews, new kitchen appliances, and landscaping the church grounds.